Creating beautiful images with 5 simple DIY pieces

These are some of my favourite pieces I made awhile back. I decided to put these pieces into good use and see how many looks I can create with a simple corset in 1.5 hour. The materials I used for these add-on pieces are mainly just lotsa of tulle, lace and ribbons – best combination to make everything and anything beautiful. I do not know how to sew like a dressmaker. But I sure can put two pieces of cloth together and of course, Youtube is the best place to pick up some neat tips. Lucky me, I got Cleo to come over to the studio and let me doll her up! Ha! She did her own makeup & hair and the result was just O.M.G…breathtakingly gorgeous. We created so many different style with simple pieces like these. Best of all, we had so much fun.


jemanci_adornment-8117I have tons of these fabric flowers in studio wardrobe. I pinned about 10 of these flowers all over a $2 daiso floral crown and place it across Cleo’s shoulder.  It can be used either over the shoulder and off the shoulder.


I bought so much tulle on my previous trip to Taipei and now its nearly all gone! I made this by ruching two different colors tulle together. I use this mainly for an off shoulder looks and shot it from the back or side. It gives a classy & elegant feel to the image. This kind of wrap around suits curvier ladies who wish to cover up parts of their arms too.  This piece is gonna stay in my studio wardrobe for a really long time. In fact, I may even make another one in black. yess!




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