Before & After Gallery – To go or to stay?

The before & after gallery was how I started my career as a portrait photographer. EVERYONE loves it. For awhile, I was thinking of taking it down. I would like the focus to be about creating beautiful portraits for these ladies. Not so much on how big the change is in their before and after.

Recently, I was thinking to myself why are the ladies loving the before & after gallery and most importantly why I started it.

I met up with a client, Joan, recently which I’ll be photographing very soon. I had an awesome in depth chat with her. I shared with her my idea of taking it down and she told me the gallery was amazing and I shouldn’t remove it. In the beginning, she wasn’t sure about being photographed but when she looked thru the gallery, she feels if these ladies can look so amazingly beautiful and so can I!

I somehow reminded me again why I started it. I wasn’t the “before&after” result I was after. It was confidence I saw in these images that started this gallery.

Ladies has been telling me they are not photogenic and they can’t smile when the camera is up. But in all honesty, the word ‘photogenic’ is a hoax (in my opinion). It’s more about how comfortable & confidence you are in front of the camera and that’s the photographer’s job. Not yours.

Just like when you are taking a selfie, 90% of the time it looks comfortable and confidence because you are the photographer behind the shot. Make sense?

So, thank you again for having faith and trust in me to document your beauty.

Super thankful to have ladies who are willing to let me take their before image. Little did they know that it has empowered many to come forward with their stories and they too would love to empower others.

Verdict: I’ll continue to keep this gallery alive.

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