BTS of the flowerbed shoot

My apologies that i’ve not been constantly putting up content recently. It has been really hectic but i’m back. I’m also considering diving into Youtube and have my own channel. Nothing firm yet. If it is, I’ll share more details on another blogpost.

Alright. Back to flowerbed. I’ve been asked a lot about the flowerbed. So i’m going to share with you. These beautiful flowers are all artificial. I collected them over the last 3-4 months. Absolutely gorgeous. There are close to 100 flowers. A mixture of big and small flowers.


Then I surrounded these flowers around the beautiful Leslie. I make sure that it looks like a beautiful mess rather than neat pile of flowers stacked together. You don’t want it to look neatly arranged. Here comes the issue, I didn’t get enough flowers! Left with no choice so I put on my Harry Potter’s glasses and did some magic on photoshop.


& Voila!


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