‘Dior’ Project – #diorinspiration

If you have read my earlier post (5 diy pieces), I like to DIY whenever possible.

I’ve been flipping this Dior coffee table for the past weeks. The gowns are just breathtakingly beautiful.


So I decided to embark on a little Dior project on my own – to recreate one of Dior’s signature looks. Of course, I’m not and won’t be able to make something as amazing as Dior. I found above images on pinterest and fell in love with it.


So I pulled out a couple of pieces in my studio to create this looks. I took out a black 3/4 sleeve stretchable dress paired it with a white stiff tulle skirt with petticoat underneath to create volume and popped on a pair of pearl earrings. I also tied a black sash around the waist to make the outfit looks seamless and classy. Together with Susan’s impeccable makeup, it is exactly as I envisioned.


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