I met Baoying a.k.a Kate back in March 2017 and photographed her in April 2017. Very thankful that Cynthia from Cynderella for recommending me to her. During the consultation, we talked about everything from outfit choices to why she wants to be photographed. From that moment, I knew her story needs to be documented and shared. So I got Esther from Esther Pictures to film it for me while I edit it. (You can watch her video below)

Little did i expect her story will resonate with so many women out there and heartwarming emails and text messages from soon-to-be clients, past clients, friends and family started to pour in. It brought so much meaning to my job as a portrait photographer. It reminded me why portraits are equally important.

Trying out outfits during the consultation session

So I decided to embark on a journey to empower women through my lens. I was like ‘eh, i meet women from all walks of life and each of them have their own story to share. Why not document it and let the rest of the women out there who is facing the same obstacle know that they are not alone? Or celebrating the joy of a specific milestone with women all around?”. So I had an AHA moment just like Kate did.

Then I met Ruth, a beautiful mommy to a 14 months baby girl. She is struggling to lose the excess weight after giving birth and is slowly losing her self-esteem. She is hoping that this photoshoot will help her regain some confidence and learn to love herself more.

I can’t wait to share her story with you all. Coming up next.

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