How do you prepare for a shoot? – Part I

Yes, preparation is required in order for you to rock the shoot. Hence, for me, It is a MUST to have a pre-shoot consultation.This is where I’ll run thru your choice of outfits, hair & makeup, poses,your favourite images, accessories and etc, weeks before the shoot. I think is rather important for me to find out what type of images you like, define your style and design the shoot just for you! Over the next few blog posts, i’ll be breaking down the preparation process.

Choice of Outfits

Avoid prints & patterns. Portrait is about capturing the beauty and wearing clothes with loud prints & patterns is like mixing plum with tea. It can go wrong at times. Portrait photography is the exact opposite of fashion photography. I want to draw attention to the face and not the clothes. But sometimes patterns does work in your favour. Pretty rare so I’ll call it the wildcard choice.

Choose fitted outfits – I know many curvy ladies out there will be shaking their head right this moment while reading this. But the truth is, it is only with fitted outfit, I’ll be able to pose you and show those curves you have. Portrait photography is like sculpting. We want to show the best of you. I’ll be putting up a full blog post talking about this soon. Watch this space.

Black is Classic. I love to shoot a black dress on a black backdrop anytime. It SUPER classy and timeless. It can be on your wall for years and it will still be gorgeous. I always tell my client is a must to bring at least one black outfit.


Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses – these are outfits you rarely get the chance to wear. If you have them tuck away somewhere in your closet, now is a good time to find it and put it to good use. If you are looking to jazz it up, dress rental is another great option. Beside bridal gowns, I really didn’t know designer dresses rental are available in Singapore until 3 months ago. I chanced about Rent A Dress (RAD) website and the absolute pleasure to speak with Joanne . We have amazing surprise for you coming up in March. So stay tuned.

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