I’ve learnt to be happy. Have you?


Oh yes, thats me…

I was 95kg. I was in the TAF (Trim and Fit) club my entire life till I was 17. I was never fond of being photographed or keeping any images of myself. Life was never easy back then. I have all sorts of nicknames that has to do with fat & clumsy. You name it, I was that. I was never happy with who I was and how I look like. Finally, I managed to shed some of excess weights off me thru medication and dieting. Did it make me happier? It did for awhile…

Looking back, I began to realise that I was valuing my worth from the outside. I’m more like those if-i-look-horrible-i-feel-horrible-the-entire-day kind of person. I was not valuing myself enough for what I can do and who I am. Once i realised it and value myself, my perspective shifted. I’m happier. I’m eating healthier and exercising regularly now because I want to stay healthy and feel good inside out.

Occasionally, I still got cravings. Like my B&J Red Velvet Ice cream. Can’t blame me. They are so darn good!

‘Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less’ – Pinterest

My only regret is that i didn’t keep enough pictures of myself during my teenage years. I was flipping through my albums recently. This is all i’ve got now.  So go on, snap away and be happy!


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