do you provide outfits, jemanci?

do you provide outfits, jemanci? – I don’t

I’ve no intention to clone my clients to look like one another. I encourage clients to bring in 3-5 pieces of their favourite outfits. It could be a dress that is too revealing for a nightout but absolutely perfect for shoots. Or even an old skirt you wish to be captured in before throwing it away. Bring them all in & I will design a shoot that is all about you.

I’ve been collecting lots of beautiful add-ons like earrings, necklaces, flowers, brooches, scarfs and various shades of tulle to build my wardrobe for the studio. I love the idea of providing options to my clients so that they can jazz things up a little. Recently, I put together some white tulle, tea dyed them and make it into a tulle skirt that looks really vintage. It matches anything from lace to even a simple white tank top. Melissa wore it on the shoot & she loves it.

Coming May, I’ll be heading back to my favourite place in Taipei. It’s a heaven for every costume/gown designers on earth! Its called YongLe Textile Market (永樂布業商場).  On tripadvisor, many said its like a maze in there and you’ll lose sight of the exit. For me, I just want to stay in there forever!

I’ve also created a inspiration board so that i can visualise it.  This time, I want to create a more ‘luxurious’ feel, fluffier (to create more movement) and layered skirt. With a simple corset or a vintage top, it’ll look amaaazing.

Inspiration board below: starting from left to right – Sue bryce Portraits,  I can’t find the name of the photographer. Let me know if you do & Phillippe Pottier

Below: I pinned some flowers (some are from 永樂布業商場, some are from Daiso Singapore) together to create this lush garden look. I’ll probably pin it on the strap of white tank top next time. Oh yes, that is one of my favourite tulle skirt in mint color.

Below: There was a period i was so crazy about Downton Abbey. So I created this downtown-abbey inspired adornment. It can be used around the neck or place it across décolletage for a more elegant feel.

Above: This is Melissa wearing the tulle skirt i created.

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