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Hope you had a great 2016 so far. Mine is going to be so awesome. I’ll be heading back to my favourite city, Taipei, in a couple of days. #cantwait. I thought i’ll write another two more posts before I leave.

I’ve been reading up a lot on makeup trends for 2016 lately. I’m really curious as to what’s coming up, what’s staying and as a photographer in glamour industry / a recent graduate (barely) of MUFE academy, I ought to know right? These are some trends that I came across & love.

Dark & Moody Lip color

I think we have been seeing a lot of nude or pinkish tone lip color. It’s really time for a change. However to wear them, in my opinion, it is best to keep the face simple to accentuate the tone of lip color. The color I’ve used before is Nightmoth by Mac. Its like plum but darker. Really gorgeous but then again you have test it to know if it suits you. Deep red is still your safest bet. However, matt lipstick can be a little dry.

Tip: Make sure you moisturise your lips with vaseline or lip moisturiser while you are doing your makeup. When you are done, wipe it off and your lips will be moist and supple. Ready for your lippie.


Above images are taken from pinterest

Strong Defined Brows

Just a side note. I really hate drawing brows during my makeup course, it takes me years to balance both brows. Kudos to makeup artistes. But as a photographer, I love this trend and I hope it will stay for a long halt. It really defines the eyes.  If you can read chinese, i would recommend this book titled ‘畫了眉 – Eyebrows book’ by 小凯老师, a taiwanese celebrity makeup artist. In this book, he will go through in details on how to create a specific brows and also the tools required. Have a look if you can.


Above images are taken from pinterest

Glowing Skin

That’s going to be a problem for the ladies staying this tiny tropical island to pull this off. Matt is still the way to go here. However, in studio, glowing skin looks refreshing & luminous in front of the camera.


This is a image from the recent shoot with Lucy, blogger. You can visit her blog here.

I’ll be putting up another blogpost about hair trend 2016 soon. So stay tuned. xo.

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