The Making of the Marie Antoinette Inspired Shoot

It has always been my dream to create a Victorian styled portrait. I love every bits from that era. Fashion wise I mean. The big decorated hair-do, beautiful dress with exquisite details on it. So with the idea in mind, I went out to research a little more on the makeup style, hairdo and the choice of outfits.

So I did some pinning and put together a moodboard for the shoot.

To me, the hair is extremely tricky. It needs to be poofy without being too heavy. So I bought some wigs and stockings. It is the first time for both of us to create such looks and styling.  My makeup artist, Vanida & I decided to try creating the wig before the actual shoot.

& that’s me, Victorian-in-the-making. I know I know. The wig looks hideous on me. After using 50 bottles of hairspray and a million hair pins, we managed to keep it together. High & mighty!

So once we are done, here’s the other big test. How to remove it without any blood on the hairpins! I’m just kidding. So this is how it looks like after it was removed. It looks like a mop!

As for the outfits, I wanted it to look victorian but a little more modern. This was the initial outfit i had in mind. I got the vintage corset from Carousell for $15 and the dress I made it myself with a cloth backdrop in the studio.

On the actual day, Vanida & I were so happy that the hairdo turned out great on Polina.

So I setup the backdrop I painted and did a test shot using my Iphone. It took my breath away instantly.

Here are the actual images shot on my Canon 5dmIII

 Makeup & Hair – Vanida

Gown (last 2 images) – 1728 Wedding House

Floral Bouquet – Floral Magic

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