3 reasons why powerful headshot is important

HEADSHOT – When you think of that, immediately the image comes to your mind will be white backdrop, harsh flashlight and the folded hand pose. I had those shots before when I was still in the corporate world. But honestly, I didn’t like those images. I believe these days headshots are very important especially for those many entrepreneurs and business owners out there. In my opinion, a good headshot should be modern and reflect who you are and what your brand is about.

Here are 3 important reasons why powerful headshot is important.

1. It’s always about the first impression Not in person but your online presence. Clients will always look you up online to see who they will be meeting or dealing with. That is your first touch point. That could be it. Your potential client may just click X on the screen or click call on their mobile to arrange for a meeting. I always make it a point to update my personal headshot on a yearly basis. Always keep your headshot up-to-date.

( Lynn -We included some headshots during her glamour portrait session)

2.It enhances your brand image – I’ve met up with many who would splurge to update and revamp their website. What about your personal shots on your Bio page, Instagram and Facebook? This is the part that is often neglected – having a powerful headshot/profile shot that truly reflects your brand image.

( Headshot for Director & Founder, Jennifer Leng of Jyunka. Homegrown Skincare Brand)

3. It showcases your personality – When you invest in your headshot with a professional photographer, he/she will plan your shots accordingly based on the nature of the company. Not everyone require the usual serious corporate images. Photographer will also find out how are these images be used and plan your shoot for you.

(Founder & Director of Carragheen, one stop beauty haven)

(Owner of Seemingly Smitten . She wanted a headshot with the quilts she made)

With me, I always make sure to find out how my client would like to portray in these set of images and where these images be used – For example, horizontal image for Facebook banner or making it square-cropped for Facebook profile and resume. With that in mind, I’ll be able to plan the shoot smoothly and making sure these images will turn out like you expected.

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At the same time, Wishing you a prosperous 2018 and Happy Lunar New year!

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